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Worldly End

The World has ended today,
And tommrow the sun will dope it's ray.
And then existence will be erased,
And the sky will flame blue over God's grace.
And then the ground will lift up and crash within itslef,
And the one that God wills, remained upon a red valvet stain.
Some will cry and some will cheer,
For happines is niether close nor near.
But more then far is ending fears,
And now it screams its crying tears.
And as the world kills its last remains,
And all will think og now and then,
And forget thier life of pain.
And then ignorance will be at chase,
And understanding will come at place.
And all humans will die in joy,
For there is no world for us to destroy.
And then I could rest and know,
That the world has ceased to grow,
And population was complexed,
In the day that silence faced.
For now I can lay my head,
On this white emblem as my bed.
But suddenly the colors change,
And turns have switched from thier remains,
And now instead of worldly end,
I find my head resting in the sand


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