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Why Is God?

Who is this fictional charcter some have created and named, "God"?
Why do so many people give so much blind faith in this person they call, "God"?
Murder in hes name, testify in he's name, go to sleep believing he watches over us
 and keeps us safe. Why a struggle to prove you senslessly worship him is correct.
Why does our goverment have guidelines and rules based upon this man, or woman,
that has yet to be proved real. They hide the truth from us by keeping that dillusion alive
in today's world to say, "thats how god would like it". They lie to us, they cannot prove
 he is alive, yet they harbor criminals in he's name and kill the innocent with him as a witness.
Why the corruption? Why all the lies? Why all the coverups? Why all the misguided anger?
Why, why, why? And those who dont have the answers say, "only God knowse and thats that".
And then the weak dies, and then the strong, and soon the streets turn red with the warrior soul
over this figure, and all I ask is why? why?

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?This is a tough one?