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rainy pic

Beatiful Rain

She, the one to see.
I, our love so free.
He, was all she had.
Me, she could not love.
My, my love she took.
Him, she droped and shook.
Heart, she lost so dear.
Far, so close so near.
Beatiful rain, that falls in the darkness.
Beatiful rain, the one she has started.
Beatiful rain, the drops of my heart.
Beatiful rain, the dark devine.
She's my beatiful rain, I wish she was mine.
Now, they fall in love.
They, now pushed and shoved.
Far, she'll take my love.
Love, far gone insane.
For, her beautiful rains.


Did you know turkies can drown? They stand in the rain with thier mouth open looking up at the sky.